What everyone should know about calling for help

What is 2-1-1? Where is it? What can they do for me?2-1-1

Connect2Help 2-1-1 is your local connection to our community’s faith-based, social or government services. Unless you need an ambulance or fire truck (those are 9-1-1 calls) we’re here 24 hours a day, seven days a week to direct you to the agency or service that can help.

Have a brother-in-law who is out of work and needs to create a resume? We know who can help!

Does your neighbor need to put food on the table, but is short on cash? We can help!

Is your aunt cleaning out the house and wanting to donate all that stuff? We know who you should call!

Last year 2-1-1 specialists helped more than one quarter of a million callers find food, health care, child care, shelter, a chance to volunteer and more. We can help you!

Just dial 2-1-1. You can call any time from anywhere in Indiana. When you call we’ll ask your zip code because we want to find you the services closest to your home. We’ll also ask general questions about your age and ethnicity. Our services are free, but our funders want to be sure we’re reaching the entire community, and your answers help us capture that information.

If you prefer to look up resources on your own , just visit www.connect2help.org and click on “Search Our Online Resource Database,” or click on “Download Free Rainbow Books” for a directory of resources available to you. All this information is free, but it is priceless to the person who doesn’t know where to turn.
Give us a call. Tell a friend. We’re here to help!

Shari Morgan, director of operations, Connect2Help’s 2-1-1 service

Editor’s Note: Since Connect2Help became an independent agency in 1987,* UWCI has invested more than $14 million to link people to human services. This includes grants totaling $864,000 for facility, technology and other targeted needs from funds contributed specifically for these purposes. Also included is $290,000 earmarked for implementation of 2-1-1 in Central Indiana. United Way provided an additional $555,000 to Indiana 211 Partnership, Inc. as a partner in developing and implementing 2-1-1 coverage for all Indiana counties. The agency’s 2013/2014 Community Fund allocation is $684,413.

*For more than 40 years, Information and Referral Network, as it was formerly known, was a program of United Way of Central Indiana.