Why I decided to Retire United

Retirement can come with great anticipation — planning trips, time with family and maybe even some part-time retirement work. But perhaps you quickly realized you still had a desire to help our community. And you had more time and energy to give. That’s what happened to me.


I “retired” in 2012 after 40 years working as a partner at Deloitte. I say “retired” because I never really stopped working. Sure, it wasn’t traditional work at the office, but I found myself getting more involved in the community, contributing my time and resources toward causes that mattered to me.


What will retirement be like for you?


Engaged and busy? Open to opportunities? Unsure?


The role of United Way in my retirement


During my tenure at Deloitte, I learned about United Way through the company’s workplace campaign and eventually became a board member. For me, it was always rewarding to see the positive change United Way was making in my community – from early childhood education advocacy to providing proper resources to families in poverty and everything in between.


In my retirement, I chose to stay connected because I found United Way offered the best of both worlds for me. I have participated in strategy sessions, agency evaluations, capital allocation committees and the Tocqueville Society committee. Some of my peers have spent time reading to children, preparing taxes for low-income families and beautifying Boys & Girls Clubs. Serving United Way not only helps me see the big picture and gives me the opportunity to direct my time and experience to causes for which I care about, it also helps me meet like-minded people.

United Way understands that each person’s retirement journey is different. Some employers offer robust programs for their retirees, but for many people it’s hard to find the right opportunity. United Way could be a great fit as you consider staying active and involved throughout your retirement.

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