Your gifts helped a single dad create a stable home for his daughter

By most anyone’s standards, Terron at age 22 had a lot on his plate. He was working full time while also studying to earn an undergraduate degree at IUPUI. At the same time, he was pursuing custody of his daughter, Tiara (now 3). Born prematurely and weighing 4 pounds 11 ounces, she spent a month and a half in the hospital battling a viral infection.

In the midst of all that, Terron lost his job and had credit issues to resolve.  Still, that did not deter him from setting a big goal for himself as a single father: becoming a homeowner to create greater stability for Tiara.

Terron heard about CAFÉ (Community Alliance for the Far Eastside) from a friend. He quickly contacted the United Way partner agency and began working with staff on his long-term dream to become a home owner.

For a year, CAFÉ’s community coordinator worked with Terron to overcome job loss, first by helping him find a temporary work, and ultimately by helping him get both jobs he still holds at ARAMARK on the Eli Lilly and Company campus and at the Sheridan at Keystone at the Crossing.

As an interim step, the coordinator assessed his situation and was able to get him into a lease purchase program house that CAFÉ had acquired and rehabbed after the May 2008 tornado. It was the last house of its kind.

Next, staff at CAFÉ referred Terron to another United Way agency, Legal Aide Society of Indianapolis, to pursue custody of his daughter.

Finally, the agency referred him to the Indiana Neighborhood Housing Partnership to guide him through the financial aspects of home ownership. Two years and seven months ago, he fulfilled his dream.

Today, Terron has transferred to IVY Tech where he is studying business management. But he’s started dreaming again, this time on a career he knows about first-hand: family law.

“God places angels in your life,” Terron said. “I am truly blessed to understand where all of this help came from,” he added, upon learning of the United Way connections to the help he received.

Terron’s story ties to United Way focus on improving the financial stability of low-income families in Central Indiana through services that connect people to homebuyer programs.

Thanks to your gifts, together we’re helping people build assets for the future. It is part of United Way’s long-term goal to reduce the percentage of financially unstable families to 25 percent, down from 31.8 percent. Thank you!