2013-14 Board of Directors

These local community leaders are dedicated to United Way of Central Indiana’s mission of helping people learn more, earn more and lead safe and healthy lives. We thank them for their hard work and outstanding commitment to improving lives throughout Central Indiana.


Joshua W. Abel

Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic

Agency Executive Council, chair

R. James Alerding

Alerding Consulting, LLC

Previous: Treasurer; Operations Committee; Agency Evaluation reviewer; Executive Committee; Audit Committee, chair; Allocations Committee

Michael J. Alley

Patriot Investments LLC

Previous: Resource Development Committee; Tocqueville Council; Governance Committee; 2002-2003 board chair; 1997 campaign chair; Executive Committee

Sue A. Back, CPA

RJ Pile, LLC

UWCI representative to Indiana Association of United Ways Board. Previous: Agency Evaluation reviewer; Human Services Committee; Executive Women’s Leadership Program graduate; Audit Committee; Allocation Panel; Day of Caring volunteer

Robert C. Ballard

USA Funds

Ready to Learn, Ready to Earn Committee. Previous: Financial Stability/Income Task Force; Hamilton County Campaign Committee; Agency Evaluation reviewer

Jason Bandick

Student - Zionsville Community High School

Board Intern; Youth Leadership Initiative

Charles R. Bantz


Previous: Executive Committee; Finance Committee

Michael R. Becher

Retired - Deloitte LLP

Tocqueville Council. Previous: Strategic Planning Task Force; Review Task Force; Campaign Cabinet

Teresa A. Bennett

IUPUI Solution Center

Boone County Advisory Board, chair. Previous: Agency Evaluation reviewer

Gerald L. Bepko

IU Robert H. McKinney School of Law

Previous: Executive Committee; Finance Committee; 1998-1999 board chair; 1995 campaign chair; Leadership Giving Council; Resource Development Committee, chair; Strategic Planning Committee; Wine, Art and Roses host

Kathryn G. Betley

Previous: Community Planning and Research Committee; 2000-2001 board chair; Board Affairs Committee, chair; Volunteer Action Center, Executive Committee; Audit Committee; Finance Committee; Governance Committee, chair; Community Issues Committee; Resource Development Committee; Successful Kids Impact Council

Betsy Bikoff

Richard M. Fairbanks Foundation, Inc.

Community Planning and Research Committee, chair; Executive Committee. Previous: Financial  Stability/Income Task Force, chair; Strategic Planning Task Force; Leadership United Generation Now, moderator; Review Task Force; Human Services Committee; Governance Committee, chair; Community Service Council, chair; Investment and Endowment Committee; Volunteer Structure Review Task Force, chair; SAVI Steering Committee, chair; Transportation Task Force, co-chair; Agency Evaluation reviewer

Mary Boelke

Deloitte, LLP

Tocqueville Council

Connie Bond Stuart


Ready to Learn, Ready to Earn Committee, chair; Executive Committee; Central Indiana Early Childhood Business Council, chair. Previous: Success by 6 Leadership Council

James P. Boyce


Vincent C. Caponi

St. Vincent Health

Governance Committee. Previous: Spirit United Task Force; 2008-2009 board chair; Agency Evaluation reviewer; Executive Committee; Ready to Learn, Ready to Earn Committee; Leadership Giving Council; Connected People Focus Area, Executive Search Committee

Matthew A. Cohoat

Becknell Industrial

Audit Committee, chair; Executive Committee. Previous: Agency Evaluation reviewer

Reyan Coskun

Student - International High School of Indiana

Board Intern; Youth Leadership Initiative

Rodney D. Cotton

Roche Diagnostics

Agency Capital Projects Fund Committee; Governance Committee. Previous: Strategic Planning Task Force; Campaign Cabinet; Executive Search Committee

Deborah J. Daniels

Krieg DeVault LLP

Executive Committee. Previous: Ready to Learn, Ready to Earn Committee, chair; Community Service Council; Moving to Community Impact; Executive Search Committee

Denise K. Dank

Duke Realty Corporation

Ready to Learn, Ready to Earn Committee; Previous: Campaign Cabinet; Human Services Professional Renewal Program reviewer; Agency Evaluation reviewer

Larry Delia

WTHR - Channel 13 VideoIndiana

Marketing Committee, chair. Previous: New Orleans United Way, board member; New Orleans United Way Marketing Committee, chair; York (Pennsylvania) United Way, board member

Michael T. Dilts

Shiel Sexton Company, Inc.

Marketing Committee. Previous: Tocqueville Council, chair; Resource Development Committee; Campaign Cabinet; Executive Search Committee

Claudette Einhorn

Human Services Committee. Previous: Volunteer Engagement Task Force; Agency Evaluation reviewer; Leadership United, moderator; Public Policy Sub-Committee; Governance Committee; Community Service Council

Murvin S. Enders

Retired - 100 Black Men of Indianapolis, Inc.

Ready to Learn, Ready to Earn Committee. Previous: Governance Committee; Leadership United, moderator; Review Task Force; Executive Committee; Minority Key Club Steering Committee; Successful Kids Impact Council; Diversity Committee, chair; Agency Evaluation reviewer

Stephanie C. Fuhrmann

Telamon Corporation

Resource Development Committee. Previous: Donor Choice Task Force; Early Childhood Council

Geoffrey M. Gailey

Human Services Committee, chair; Executive Committee. Previous: Campaign Cabinet; Donor Choice Task Force; Professional Renewal Program reviewer; Review Task Force; IPL United Way Campaign, chair; Day of Caring participant

Karen Gentleman

Gentleman McCarty

Community Planning and Research Committee, member and former chair; Governance Committee; Resource Development Committee. Previous: Strategic Philanthropy Task Force; Review Task Force; Executive Committee; Executive Women’s Leadership Program, moderator; Women’s Committee; Thriving Families Impact Council, chair; Community Issues Committee; Agency Evaluation reviewer

Marianne Glick


Resource Development Committee; Central Indiana Early Childhood Business Council. Previous: 2012 Campaign co-chair; 2011 Campaign chair; Executive Committee; Campaign Cabinet; Women United Steering Committee; Meridian Society Council; Executive Women’s Leadership Program, founder and moderator; Strategic Planning Task Force; Executive Search Committee

Juan F. Gonzalez

Key Bank

Resource Development Committee; Diversity Committee, vice chair; Leadership United, moderator. Previous: Volunteer Engagement Task Force; Human Services Committee; Leadership Training & Development for Diversity Series, 2006 graduate; Agency Evaluation reviewer; Governance Committee

Lisa E. Harris, M.D.

Wishard-Eskenazi Health

Previous: Executive Committee; Review Task Force; Strategic Planning Task Force

Richard E. Hester

Indiana Business Advisors

Resource Development Committee; Human Services Committee, vice chair; Human Services Professional Renewal Program reviewer. Previous: Strategic Philanthropy Task Force, chair; Bridges to Success Council, chair; Ready to Learn, Ready to Earn Committee; Campaign Cabinet; Agency Evaluation reviewer; Leadership United 2006-2007 Ardath Burkhart Series, moderator; Community Issues Committee; Basic Needs Impact Council, chair; Volunteer Action Center; Winter Assistance Fund, chair

Bruce Hetrick

IU School of Journalism

Marketing Committee. Previous: Strategic Planning Task Force; Campaign Cabinet; Ardath Burkhart Leadership Series, moderator; Human Services Committee; Human Services Professional Renewal Program reviewer; Focus on Impact Task Force; Marketing and Communications Committee, chair

Robert W. Hillman

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Indiana

Agency Technology Fund Committee, chair; Public Policy Sub-Committee. Previous: Ready to Learn, Ready to Earn Committee; Campaign Cabinet

Abbe Hohmann, CCIM

Site Strategies Advisory, LLC

Agency Capital Projects Fund Committee, chair; Resource Development Committee. Previous: Donor Choice Task Force; Agency Evaluation reviewer; Tocqueville Council, chair; Campaign Cabinet

Katie Holmes

Indianapolis Airport Authority

Hendricks County Advisory Board, chair. Previous: Agency Evaluation reviewer

Kalen Irsay

Indianapolis Colts

Human Services Committee. Previous: Agency Evaluation reviewer

William R. Klepper

UAW - Retired

Diversity Committee; Facilities Maintenance Fund. Previous: Human Services Professional Renewal Program, reviewer; Campaign Cabinet

Donald E. Knebel

Barnes & Thornburg LLP

Resource Development Committee, chair; Executive Committee; Meridian Society Council. Previous: Ardath Burkhart Leadership Series, moderator; Spirit United Task Force; Donor Choice Task Force; Campaign Cabinet; 2010 Campaign Chair; Tocqueville Council; Agency Evaluation reviewer

Jonathan E. Kroehler

Sallie Mae, Inc.

Ready to Learn, Ready to Earn Committee

Shelly Langona

RJE business interiors

Emerging Leaders Steering Committee, chair; Resource Development; Spirit United Task Force. Previous: Strategic Philanthropy Task Force; ReadUP tutor

David C. Lewis, Sr.

AT&T Inc.

Ready to Learn, Ready to Earn Committee

Kevin Lollar


Morgan County Advisory Board, chair. Previous: Loaned Executive; Agency Evaluation reviewer/leader; Morgan County Campaign Cabinet; Solutions Council Morgan County; Morgan County’s Got Talent Show Emcee 2010-2012

Scott S. Luc

Merrill Lynch

Resource Development Committee. Previous: Strategic Planning Task Force; Emerging Leaders Steering Committee, chair; Governance Committee; Campaign Cabinet

Carey B. Lykins

Citzens Energy Group

Tocqueville Council, chair. Previous: Agency Evaluation reviewer; ReadUP tutor

Susan Mahony, Ph.D.

Eli Lilly and Company

Previous: Review Task Force; Executive Search Committee

Dr. Robert L. Manuel

University of Indianapolis

Todd J. Maurer

Newmark Knight Frank Halakar; Halakar Property Management; Halakar Construction Services

Previous: Resource Development Committee; Campaign Cabinet; 2004 United on Broadway, co-chair; Executive
Search Committee

William G. Mays

Mays Chemical Co., Inc.

Previous: Investment and Endowment Committee; 1991 campaign chair; 1993-1994 board chair

Patricia Polis McCrory

Katz & Korin, PC

Women United, chair; Resource Development Committee

Owen B. "Bud" Melton, Jr.

Retired President & CEO - First Indiana Bank, N.A.

Audit Committee, member and former chair. Previous: Connected By 25 Committee; Ready to Learn, Ready to Earn Committee; 2002 Campaign chair; Leadership Giving, chair; Executive Committee; Resource Development Committee

Jamie P. Merisotis

Lumina Foundation for Education

Ready to Learn, Ready to Earn Committee; Tocqueville Council

Mark Miles

Hulman & Company

Governance Committee; Public Policy Sub-Committee. Previous: Agency Evaluation reviewer

Terry Miller

Greenfield-Central School Corp., Weston Elementary School

Hancock County Advisory Board, chair

Bryan A. Mills

Community Health Network

Governance Committee, chair; Executive Committee. Previous: Audit Committee; Spirit United Task Force; Agency Evaluation reviewer

Andy Mohr

Andy Mohr

Campaign Chair; Executive Committee; Campaign Cabinet; Resource Development; Marketing Committee

Greg Morris

IBJ Media

Marketing Committee. Previous: Human Services Professional Renewal Program reviewer; Campaign Cabinet

Ann D. Murtlow

United Way of Central Indiana

Executive Committee; United Way Process and Information Center (UPIC), board member

John T. Neighbours

Faegre Baker Daniels LLP

Executive Committee; Ready to Learn, Ready to Earn Committee, member and former chair; Tocqueville Council. Previous: Donor Choice Task Force; Planned Giving & Endowment Strategy, co-chair; 2006-2007 board chair; Community Issues Committee, chair; Resource Development Committee; Campaign Cabinet; Executive Search Committee

Michael O'Connor

Eli Lilly and Company

Executive Committee; Central Indiana Early Childhood Business Council. Previous: Success By 6 Council, chair; Ready to Learn, Ready to Earn Committee; Public Policy Sub-Committee, chair; Agency Evaluation reviewer; IPS Performance Award for Excellence reviewer; Resource Development Committee; Governance Committee; Day of Caring

Samuel L. Odle, FACHE

2012-2013 Board Chair; Executive Committee. Previous: Strategic Planning Task Force; Resource Development Committee; 2008 Campaign chair; Campaign Cabinet; Diversity Leadership Circle, chair; Executive Search Committee

Gregory L. Pemberton

Ice Miller LLP

Investment & Endowment Committee, member and former chair. Previous: Executive Committee; Finance Committee; Human Services Professional Renewal Program reviewer; Community Service Council, chair; Public Policy Committee, chair; Leadership United Ardath Burkhart Series, moderator 

Patrick Peregrin

The Indianapolis Star

Marketing Committee

Robert S. Potts

Herff Jones, Inc.

Tocqueville Council; Agency Evaluation reviewer. Previous: Resource Development Committee; Campaign Cabinet; Success By 6 Leadership Council; Executive Committee; Campaign co-chair, 2007; Governance Committee

Maria M. Quintana

J.P. Morgan

Board Secretary; Executive Committee; Tocqueville Council. Previous: Strategic Planning Task Force; Human Services Committee; Executive Search Committee

Mark A. Ratekin


Hamilton County Advisory Board, chair; Agency Evaluation reviewer. Previous: Financial Stability/Income Task Force; Program Review Task Force; Executive Search Committee

David Resnick

Katz, Sapper & Miller LLP

Leadership United moderator. Previous: Planned Giving & Endowment Strategy, co-chair; Executive Search Committee; 2010-2012 board chair; Executive Committee; Resource Development Committee; Strategic Planning Task Force; board treasurer; Finance Committee; Audit Committee

Jean Richcreek

Citizens Energy Group

Governance Committee; Tocqueville Council; Human Services Committee, member and former chair. Previous: Donor Choice Task Force; Agency Evaluation reviewer; Strategic Planning Task Force; board secretary; Executive Committee; Review Task Force, chair; Connected People Impact Council, chair

N. Clay Robbins

Lilly Endowment Inc.

Executive Committee. Previous: Donor Choice Task Force; Strategic Planning Task Force; Governance Committee, chair; Strategic Planning Committee, chair; Executive Search Committee

Jill Robinson Kramer

Ivy Tech Community College

Ready to Learn, Ready to Earn Committee. Previous: Donor Choice Task Force; Executive Search Committee; Campaign Cabinet; Summer Learning Task Force; Strategic Planning Task Force

Michael Rosiello

Barnes & Thornburg LLP

Community Planning and Research Committee, member and former chair; Public Policy Sub-Committee, chair; Agency Evaluation reviewer; Spirit United Task Force. Previous: Agency Relations Committee, chair; Agency Certification Task Force; Community Issues Committee; Connected People Focus Area, vice chair; Governance and Management reviewer; Executive Committee

Rafael Sanchez

Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP

Governance Committee; Leadership United moderator

Dr. Dennis Sasso

Congregation Beth-El Zedeck

Previous: Public Policy Sub-Committee; Connected By 25 Committee; Winter Assistance Fund, co-chair; Community Issues Committee; Thriving Families Impact Council

Greg Schenkel

Retired - Pacers Sports & Entertainment

Agency Capital Projects Fund Committee; Agency Evaluation reviewer. Previous: Campaign Cabinet; Governance Committee; Leadership Giving Council; Community Service Council, president

Zachary Scott


Executive Committee; Ready to Learn, Ready to Earn Committee; Campaign Cabinet; 2014 Campaign Chair

Jerry D. Semler


Investment and Endowment Committee. Previous: Finance Committee; Campaign Cabinet; Tocqueville Society, co-chair

Yvonne Shaheen

Audit Committee. Previous: Agency Capital Projects Fund Committee; Review Task Force

Gordon Slack

Dow AgroSciences LLC

Board treasurer; Executive Committee; Finance Committee, chair; Campaign Cabinet. Previous: Donor Choice Task Force

Maribeth Smith

Maribeth Smith & Associates, Inc.

Previous: Resource Development Committee; 2004-2005 board chair; Executive Committee; 2002 Community Leaders’ Conference, event coordinator; Marketing Committee; 1998 Campaign chair; Leadership Giving Council; Spirit United Task Force

Timothy Smith

Perfect Impressions Printing

Finance Committee. Previous: Agency Evaluation reviewer; Diversity Leadership Circle, co-chair; Governance Committee

Dennis Sponsel

RJE business interiors

Spirit United Task Force; Tocqueville Council. Previous: Resource Development Committee; Executive Committee; 2007 Campaign co-chair; Campaign Cabinet

Mary Ann Sullivan

Ready to Learn, Ready to Earn Committee. Previous: Financial Stability/Income Task Force

Donald W. Tanselle

Sease, Gerig & Associates

Previous: Finance Committee; Allocations Committee

Liz Tate

Central Indiana Community Foundation

James G. Terwilliger

Tocqueville Council

Amit Thanawala

Trident Systems LLC

Diversity Leadership Circle, chair

Patzetta M. Trice

Trice Strategic Consulting

Committee on Diversity, chair; Executive Committee; Marketing Committee. Previous: Campaign Cabinets; Board Secretary; Governance Committee; Leadership United Moderator; Ready to Learn, Ready to Earn Committee; IMPACT Council, chair; Minority Recognition Breakfast Committee; Allocations Committee; Executive Search Committee

Donaldson Twyman

FedEx Express

Campaign Cabinet; Human Service Professional
Renewal Program, reviewer

Steven F. Walker


Chair Elect; Executive Committee; Governance Committee; Tocqueville Council; Spirit United Task Force. Previous: Donor Choice Task Force; Strategic Planning Task Force, chair; Resource Development Committee, chair; 2005 & 2006 campaign chair; Campaign Cabinet, co-chair; Executive Search Committee

Molly Wilkinson Chavers

IndyHub, Inc.

Community Planning and Research Committee, vice chair. Previous: Generation Now, moderator; Financial Stability/Income Task Force

Jean L. Wojtowicz

Cambridge Capital Management Corp.

Investment & Endowment Committee, chair; Executive Committee

Terence T. Yen, Ph.D.

Indiana University Medical Center

Governance Committee; Community Planning and Research Committee; Agency Evaluation, reviewer. Previous: Campaign Cabinet; Diversity Leadership Circle Committee