Policies created by the government affect us all. By participating in the process, we multiply the impact we can have on our community.

All IN 4 Pre-K

Now is the time for the General Assembly to build on our thoughtful, targeted approach to early childhood education and develop a plan that ensures high-quality pre-K’s long-term sustainability.

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Across our impact
areas, we are:

Leading efforts to pilot quality, pre-k scholarship programs for thousands of students.

Providing financial education, job training and placement and legal advice for individuals and families.

Reducing childhood obesity and investing in child welfare, nutrition, fitness, mental health services and physical screenings.

Supporting programs and agencies that help families and individuals who are highly vulnerable or in crisis.

To reach our
goals, we are:


Leading our region in establishing policy for and distributing resources throughout the underserved areas of education and financial stability.


Collaborating with local and state leaders, community schools, agencies and partners to focus on the specific needs of each community.


Supporting proven programs and innovative initiatives with the resources and manpower needed to protect the wellbeing of our neighbors.

Community Milestones

The General Assembly voted to expand Indiana’s pre-k for low-income children with the passage of a pre-k expansion bill and approved a budget which includes an investment of $22 million per year in the next biennium budget.

The coalition for mass transit celebrated a victory on Election night, as Indianapolis' residents voted "yes" to a public transit ballot referendum to increase bus service.

Indiana's biennial budget included a $1 million per year appropriation to the 2-1-1 Services Fund, thanks in part to a significant gift from The Glick Fund.

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Many years ago, we took the bold step of making quality early childhood education and pre-k advocacy a top priority for our community.

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