Every one of our events is an opportunity to build stronger ties to the community, and we welcome every family, friend, neighbor, and peer who live and work in our six-county region to join us.

Video and Social Media Basics (2 Day Workshop)

March 1st - 1:00pm

With minimal to no added expense you can start making great videos that you can share with your donors, creating compelling social media content, and increasing the impact of your online promotions.
Please bring your smart phone, charging cable and laptop.

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Understanding Nonprofit Financials

March 6th - 9:00am

Ever find yourself scratching your head when it comes time to manage nonprofit finances? This workshop is designed for both nonprofit staff and board members who seek to gain knowledge and competency navigating nonprofit financial statements.

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Grant Writing – Deeper Dive

April 17th - 9:00am

This workshop will jump into the Grant Writing process in more detail than its predecessor, Grant Writing for Beginners. Each participant should bring a pre-written grant proposal to break down, work through, and improve during work sessions.

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Everything You Wanted to Know About Evaluations

May 17th - 9:00am

Evaluations take a lot of time and effort to go through, but they are commonplace in the nonprofit landscape. What is their purpose, and why are they important? In this workshop, hear why Hedges & Associates believes evaluations are a benefit not only to funders, but also to nonprofits who take advantage of them as an opportunity to move along a continuum of growth.

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